Make water from your tap as natural as rain! Built-in magnetic devices polarize clusters of water molecules and break them apart, neutralizing any chemicals the water contains–such as salt, chlorine and fluoride. North pole magnetized water can be beneficial to all. It lowers the surface tension of the water making it more absorbable by people, plants and animals! North pole treatment causes an alkaline action that is beneficial to us–remember an acidic environment in the body is synonymous with disease and ill health, often the body is acidic and north negative will help normalize natural alkaline pH.rnAttach this to your main waterline in your basement or onto your garden hose. Will help prevent minerals from clogging lines. Excellent for use in restaurants, hotels, icemaker and greenhouses. Adapts to 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch pipe sizes. No filters to clean or replace.