(21 Days) Most radishes get bitter and brittle from the hot summer but Rover keeps its’ cool! Rover is extra early, holds well in the field, and has less of a tendency to produce oval radishes under heat stress than other varieties. The smooth, dark-red roots are extremely uniform and attractive with crisp, white flesh. Very widely adapted. They have rich flavour with a refreshing nip.

Planting Instructions

Radishes are very quick growing, plant as early as possible in spring. Cool weather develops a fine mild flavor. In many cases Radishes fail to bulb properly in hot weather. If you desire Radishes over an extended time, plant at 1 week intervals, in a cooler shady place in the garden. Plant 1 cm (1/2 in) deep, 1 cm (1/2 in) apart in rows 45 cm (18 in) apart. Radishes grow best in lighter soils. If your soil is heavy work in lots of organic matter in the rows before sowing seed.