Prunus Lutowka – Back by popular demand! This is an extremely hardy Cherry tested in prairie winters. Will produce huge amounts of dark-coloured “big (5 to 7 grams each), small-stoned, aromatic, juicy fruit with strong sweet/tart flavour” on a bush that reaches 2 to 3 m (6 to 9 ft). Filled with blossoms in late May, fruit ripens in August. Great for pies, wines, juices, jams and jellies. Self-pollinating but better results are obtained when two varieties are planted.  Approx. 30 cm (12 in).

Cherries not only contain significant levels of antioxidants, but they provide a unique combination of antioxidants that are not found in other fruits. The compounds in cherries act as potent antioxidants that appear to have anti-inflammatory benefits! Also excellent for arthritis!

Planting Instructions
Printable: Growing Cherries