Peter says: This is great for seedlings and for transplanting. Apply every 10 days to boost blooms and increase crop size. We also suggest using it on newly planted shrubs and trees to fully develop their root systems during the first year–every two weeks, stopping in early August. And for annual plantings use all-summer, especially containers–you will not believe the growth!

Don’t forget to fertilize if you haven’t amended your soil, added compost or any organic matter before planting!
Careful – too much nitrogen (the first number of the fertilizer) will produce a lot of leaf, with little bloom for your blooming plants and ornamental trees and shrubs.
Always fertilize when your plants are well watered, never when they are dry as they may get leaf burn.

Our “Miracle Mix”
5 Minutes to a lusher garden!
Pour 3 scoops of Rose & Strawberry fertilizer into sprayer.
Add 6 scoops of Liquid Seaweed. Fill with water to top line and stir.
Add 1 scoop of T&T Wetting Agent, stir again, spray till empty. You have fertilized!

This is the best sprayer we’ve seen anywhere. You can even reach the tops of trees!

Recipe for use in a standard watering can (2 gallon)

Pour 1 scoop of Rose & Strawberry fertilizer into sprayer.
Add 2 scoops of Liquid Seaweed
Tiny squirt of T&T Wetting Agent, fill with water and stir, water till empty. You have fertilized!