A beauty from Russia! The most flavorful pear of the early ripening varieties! Fruit drips with sweetness when you bite into it–with a hint of spice! The attractive fruit is yellow with a bright red cheek. The flesh is juicy with a buttery texture and the shape is more round than the common pear. Fruit matures mid to late August and is best eaten or processed quickly as it is not a good storage type.

Russian breeders and scientists spent many years developing this hardy select pear! Pollinated by Ure, Golden Spice, Early Gold and John.  Medium sized tree that is hardy. Consistently high yields which usually ripen by mid August and should be enjoyed fresh. Height at Maturity: 20 feet, Spread: 16 feet (Stores for 1 – 2 weeks). Size at shipping 3 ft, bare root. Grafted on Ussurian rootstock.

Pollinator: Early Gold Pear

Golden Pear N/P - Qty. Each

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