Green Manure crops are not included in small order shipping special.

Subterranean clover, or simply “sub clover�, is a low-growing annual that forms a dense cover due to a low growth habit and extensive stolons and leaves. This makes sub clover an excellent weed suppressor, even better than vetch or even commercial herbicides. Perfect for large garden walkways! Sub clover makes an excellent green manure crop and will raise up levels of Nitrogen, making it very useful as a short rotation cover crop. Should be mowed as soon as it starts flowering to avoid it from reseeding. 500 grams will cover 3,000 sq ft.

Planting Instructions
A fast growing ground cover to provide quick green anywhere. The best variety for use as a ground-cover and weed suppressor! Can be planted in early spring at seeding time of your gardens. In your rows to provide a carpet of green manure crop-helping to fix nitrogen in the soil. When it starts to flower, should be mowed immediately to cut off the flowers and prevent it from going to seed. Work into the ground in fall to enrich soil and garden. Sow at the rate of 500 grams (1 lb) for 3000 square feet, just broadcast the seed and rake in covering the seed with 2 cm (3/4 in) of soil.