This slender 15 cm (6″) parsnip-like roots with their delicate parsley taste have been used for flavouring soups and stews. This variety stores very well through the winter. A great dual purpose plant as the coarse leaves contribute a parsley flavour and can be used as a garnish. With parsnip-flavoured roots and edible parsley-flavoured leaves, it’s high time this dual-purpose vegetable was resurrected.

Planting Instructions

Sowing and planting: The roots of the hamburg parsley aren’t quite as impressive as the parsnip and require a long growing season to fully form. Sow in drills 1cm deep and 25cm apart from early to late spring if you want your crop to mature by late summer. Germination is slow, so sow 3-4 seeds in clusters 23cm apart and sow radish between stations to mark your crop. When the seedlings have developed, thin to one single, strong plant.

Cultivation: The roots will split and form comedy legs if you allow the soil to become too dry. Water and mulch regularly if you’re experiencing a dry summer.

Container growing: Because these roots are smaller than most, it can be grown in containers if they are deep enough. Keep your container out of scorching sunlight or the foliage will wilt.