A quick-growing, absolutely delicious watermelon you must taste to really appreciate, Shiny Boy is a must-have for the vegetable garden! Shiny Boy boasts very dark red flesh with the perfect blend of sugar and crunch. to quote the AAS judges “sweet tropical” flavor! Wonderfully aromatic, it offers an old-fashioned burst of flavor that we associate with grandmother’s vegetable garden. You will love it!

Planting Instructions
To grow watermelon start them 2-3 weeks ahead of transplanting them in the garden. Plant 2-3 seeds in a 2 in. peat pots. Keep pots warm 21°C. They will germinate in 7-10 days. Plant in the garden when danger of frost has passed. Make sure peat pots are wet when transplanting. Fertilize for the first 3 weeks with our Rose & Strawberry 10-52-17 formula. They yield best in lighter soils. If your soil is heavy work in lots of organic matter in the area before transplanting. For extra protection cover your melon crops with our Garden Blanket.