Beautiful sparkling silver foliage shimmers in the softest breeze! This fast growing willow is drought tolerant and very adaptable to many different soil types. Bark is dark gray with deep lengthwise fissures, very distinct. Slight weeping habit also! Mature size is 10 m (30 ft) tall and wide. Approximately 30 cm (12 in) plants.

Trees need our help! Forest fires, snowstorms, insects problems and drought have caused our trees to suffer, we have lost an alarming amount of trees across Canada! We are starting the 10 Thousand Tree Project to support biodiversity, clean air and a healthy water cycle. With our variety of hardy selections you can plant more trees in your community. All of our windbreak, ornamental and fruit trees can fit into any type of landscape and provide you with the satisfaction you have contributed back to the environment. Trees offer a lasting legacy that will continue to benefit future generations. Help us reach our goal.

Planting Instructions
Green Giant Poplar, White Willow, Prairie Sky Poplar, Paskapoo & Okanese (large poplars)
As these are very large trees at maturity, space at least 15 – 25 feet apart (Prairie Sky & Paskapoo 10-20 feet apart). For best results as a windbreak, stagger your rows, spacing rows 20 feet apart. Care after planting for optimum growth. Make sure the trees get a heavy soaking at time of planting. Continue weekly waterings right up to August 15, from this point on, let “Mother Nature” do the watering (this will help them ease into dormancy for winter). In the second year fertilize with a 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer or a Slow Release granular tree and shrub fertilizer as per product instructions. For a most effective wind screen leave branching all the way to the ground.