Want your seeds and seedlings to explode with exceptional growth? rn That’s what worm castings have been shown to do in recent exciting research in California. Now indoor or outdoor plants can be treated by working in a 3 cm (1 inch) layer of worm castings around the plant. Growers should sprinkle 1 cm (1/4 in.) around the plant every six months. Worm castings are the rich earthy-smelling waste matter of worms. Now available to gardeners in a dry granular form called Wormgold. Wormgold contains lots of nutrients making it a perfect additive for soil-less and potting mixes. Try it, to treat prized plants and to spur remarkable growth of your seedlings!

Large quantities: Extra postage will apply according to province and weight


Fertilizer Tea Mix


25 ml Seaweed
250 ml Turkey Trot
250 ml Worm Gold

Fill 5 gallon pail with water and leave sit overnight.
This is enough to do 5 to 10 shrubs, depending on size.
After pouring over plants, water it in.

This mix can be used on other shrubs and trees.