Bare Roots

Some perishable items are sold as ‘bare root’. This means plants are dormant and have exposed roots.

Most often they are wrapped in shavings/mulch. But some plants may come in small pots of soil.

Bare roots should be planted as soon as possible either in the ground or a pot, keeping the roots moist at all times.

Examples: roses, fruit trees, shrubs.


10 Easy Pieces: Flower Bulbs for Forcing - Gardenista

A bulb is a thickened, fleshy bud usually emitting roots from its underside. The stems, flowers and foliage will grow from the crown.

The term bulb applies to a large class of flowering and ornamental bulbous-like plants in their dormant condition such as corms, tubers, and rhizomes.

Examples: lilies, onions.


A corm is an underground bulb-like portion of the stem of a plant consisting of fleshy tissue with a bud at the top.

Examples: crocus, gladiolus.



A short, thickened, fleshy part of an underground stem, where new plants develop from buds or eyes. Examples: dahlia, potato


Some examples of what you may receive: