T&T Tough Perishable Stock
We carry an extensive list of perishable items. If your looking to create a shelter-belt, we can help! We carry a great selection of tried and true varieties as well as the more unique! And all ready to ship when you can safely plant.

Maybe your looking for a feature tree or perennial for your garden? Again we have a terrific selection. If your tastes run more to edibles, we carry fruit bearing trees, shrubs and plants. And be assured that all our stock is hardy to our Canadian climates.

Why Dormant Stock is Better

Purchasing your stock in its’ dormant state just makes sense! Pricing is more affordable to purchase as opposed to the cost of mature, fully grown stock. The rates of survival also are increased when planting while in its’ dormant state.

Order early to take advantage of our early order discount which runs until February 15, 2019 and to ensure you receive the selection you want – Some items are so popular that they sell out early!

This way your choices are reserved and we will ship it when it is safe for you to plant!