Cymbopogon – A real delicacy, superb when used for cooking and added to pastas,
sauces and salads. Its lemony flavour stands up to prolonged cooking,
making it perfect for slow cooked meals. Lemongrass easily infuses into
teas, soups or stock. Also used for perfume, oil and medicine.


    • Garden borders to repel insects: The other great benefit of putting lemongrass around the garden is that it’s strong scent repels many plant pests.
    • Mosquito repellent for people: Lemongrass has the natural component, citronella, which we are all familiar with from candles and bug spray. Just put a bunch of lemongrass around sitting areas or even make some all-natural spray.

Planting Instructions

Start Lemon Grass seed indoors in Mid to late March. Plant in soil packs and keep seedlings trimmed to 10 cm (4 in) high. Transplant when soil has warmed in spring in rows 45 cm (18 in) apart and space plants 15 cm (6 in) apart. You also can direct seed into the garden in spring when soil is warm and use the delicate greens. Fertilize with 10-52-17 and Liquid Seaweed for strong healthy stems and roots.