MX-3 is a unique blend of Fulvic Acid designed to maximize nutrient
availability, uptake, and translocation. Thus improving the health of
your plants and the nutritional value of the harvest. Additional
benefits are improved root development and robust new growth when
applied either foliar or with feeding as directed. Will boost crop
resilience against environmental stresses such as heat and drought.
Additional vital benefits include:
• Enhanced crop resistance against insect pest pressure and disease such as
PM (Powdery Mildew).
• PH buffering to allow for better nutrient availability to plants.
• Substantial Increase in soil micro pores providing better aeration for roots and support for soil biology.
• Allows for reductions in water requirements.
• Safe in all grow systems and mediums.
• Completely effective at all nutrient pH ranges (5.4 – 6.5).
• Very concentrated, mix 10 ml per litre of water and foliar feed plants. Apply 2 to 3 times a season.